Kelvia Jaupi is a senior and attends Cranbrook Kingswood Upper Schools in Bloomfield Hills where she is a boarding student. In the dorms, Kelvia is a Resident Advisor in which she is a leader and has the responsibility of communicating with House Advisors if any problems occur within the dorms.

    As a child, she showed an outstanding interest in music and began her music career from the young age of three and has pursued the piano ever since. Throughout the years, Kelvia has taken part in many competitions and placed a numerous amount of times including first place in a State Wide Concerto Competition as well as many others. Additionally, she was the winner of a competition arranged by Leonard Slatkin and played with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Quartet.

    Outside of her own practices, Kelvia has been accompanying her mothers' violin students and teaching piano since she was ten years old. She is enthusiastic, caring and has a passion for music that she hopes to pass on to anyone with an interest in learning the piano!